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static preview code

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Colors palette by whatphotoshop

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whether the answer is yes or no, or a mix of the both, i wanted to remind you that you’re great. here is some stuff that i thought might be helpful if you ever feel down or bored or just wanna try something new!!

playlists // don’t be down / happy, happy, happy / cheer up!! / feeling down? / upbeat / for when you’re feeling sad.. / be happy! / songs to listen to when you are feeling sad. / anxiety/panic attacks / dashboard session / nostalgic. / it’s okay, not be okay. / anxiety’s lullaby / don’t be sad / songs that make you feel better / hey man, it’ll be okay. / note to self. / forget about it / baby don’t cut 

cheering up // emergency compliment!! paying for people’s groceries / random acts of kindness caught on film / free hugs experiment / tipping servers $200 / little acts of kindness / 27 videos that will make you happy / givesmehope / textpost blog!! / the everything post / repeat after me. / feel like you lost something? / you are not alone. / just listen to this / cute yahoo answers / nail art tuts / bad x-factor auditions / need a hug?  / you can do anything 

cool stuff // music thing / how to lucid dream!! / teach yourself guitar (wow) / learn a new language / creepy websites / the color game / make a mind palace / explore the world / make a temporary tattoo! / musical sea creature // babies experiencing things / 7 day positive challengeif you forgot how beautiful the world is / draw a nebula / watch documentaries / sugar cookies recipe / 100 things to do / anasomnia / kawaii emotions / 100+ games / make your own font

depression // how to love yourselfalternatives to self harm / what am i feeling? / if you feel like crap / dealing with depression / let go of your past. / what is depression?depression & cutting/things to do instead of cutting / alternatives to self harm / the cure to sadness! (in under 3 minutes) / things to do when you’re sad  / feel good 101: depressionstop cutting, create instead

anxiety/stress // soundrown / build stuff with sand / rainymood / chill out / zen garden / managing stress / social anxiety tips / PTSD forums / anti-anxiety masterpost / a place to think / calming manatee / the dawn room / 100,000 stars / types of anxiety disorders / anxiety attack tips / anti-anxiety foods / using a thought diary / panic attacks & anxiety /

eating disorders // bloating in recovery  / why you must eat / what is ED recovery? / learning to love your body / how to eat a fear food / helping someone with an eating disorder / 281 reasons to recover /

asking for help // telling people how you’re feeling / how do i tell someone when im afraid? /  how to ask for helpanxiety forums

movies, documentaries, tv // action movies / disney movies / scary moviesmovies for angsty teensmy mad, fat diary / mean girls / blue is the warmest color / submarine / teen wolf / the vampire diaries / pretty little liars / american horror story / bob’s burgers / the mindy project / ultimate teen movie masterpost / hannah montana / sherlock / american beauty 

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Downloads: Prime Script, Clear Line, Clipper Script, Making Lettering Tall, Challenge Contour, Clementine Sketch, Kg Dark Side, Swallow Falls, Daddys Girl, FYITW

Dicas de fontes por Jessica. Se foi útil dê like e não repasse!

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Theme 4 - static preview - code


  • 500px
  • 4 links
  • Hide/show captions
  • Hover to show bottompost
  • Optional 220px sidebar image

If you recognise the references in the preview you get 10 strength points and a health potion. Live long and be happy!

Any question please direct them here.

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links&tags page #1 (where to?) - preview / code

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let me know of any problems.

cred and inspiration 

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t h e m e: ʀᴀᴅɪᴏᴀᴄᴛɪᴠᴇ
↳ Preview ▪ Code (Wait for 5 seconds and click ‘Skip Ad’)
  • A sliding full sidebar theme.
  • Click on the title for the sidebar to slide out.
  • Avatar is 80px x 80px.
  • Up to 4 custom links; title appears when you hover over the icons.
  • Option for 250px (3 columns), 400px (2 columns) or 500px (1 column) posts.
  • Includes search bar.
  • Option for show captions.
  • Option for infinite scrolling.
  • Webkit scrollbar.

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Making Tumblr theme chats look like phone messages


Don’t be complacent with those boring line-by-line chats for your Tumblr theme!

In this tutorial, we’ll transform list-like chat logs into beautiful phone message-style chats that place the users on different sides of the screen.


HTML: Chat posts with “alt”

Chats with robots can be very enriching

For the…

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So here’s my tip of font using in graphic design. I made this list of fonts I suggest to be used more often and fonts I suggest to be used less often. Especially from Helvetica to Gill Sans, they are really popular fonts to be used by professional designers. They all work finely whether in graphic design, web design or typography.

From Rockwell to Parisish, they are fonts to be used in typography or artworks, mostly for vintage style. They are probably not suitable in some formal occasions. But they will be your good choice when you want to make a fancy coffee shop banner.

You might be surprised that Arial and Times New Roman are in my less used list. But don’t stop using them in your homework and essay- well, now you probably understand why you shouldn’t put them in your graphic works.

The rest of the fonts are what I constantly see people using in their graphic works and I must say that even tho those fonts look cool and fancy, they actually don’t look as quality as you think.

BUT, that doesn’t mean you should delete these fonts from your computer (oh but delete Comic Sans for God’s sake) They can still be used for certain situation, as long as you handle them well. However, please never do something like using Colors of Autumn as the title and Typewriter as the concept, unless you’re trying to drive someone crazy.

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→ PSD 17: Requested by anonymous (used for this gifset)

  • Please do not repost :)
  • Including a texture by northerndrawn
  • works with CS6/CS5/CS4/and anything photoshop
  • Including gradient/ texture/ contrast
  • download it here/box
  • feel free to pm me if you have questions about the psd
  • Hope you enjoy

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KISS ME ― theme #02 by theirins

  • 500px posts
  • 6 custom links
  • round/square icon option
  • show tags/don’t show tags option
  • icon size is 60x60px (can be any icon size though)
  • color options

live preview, get the code

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Favourite free fonts of 2014 (a resource list) - so far:

asche | donuts | aqua grotesque | impregnable | scratch | silverleaf | hallo | feral | gent | lakesight | farray | glamor | cylburn | gearus | barrio | canter | akura popo | hightide | fatboy | sifonn | novito nova | wolf in the city | kaiju | arenq | borg | nurjan | genica

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Blending/Masking Tutorial


How to blend/mask like so…


Used: Photoshop CS3
Level: Basic Photoshop knowledge required

Read More


BCS BenWood // Princetown ICG // Cheddar Jack // Rainfall // Dubiel // Ribbon // Dolce Vita // Coolvetica // Intro

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Please leave the credit intact and do not move it to a secondary page. Do not copy, use as base, redistribute and/or claim this theme as your own.

Posts 500/400px Version » Preview // Download: pastebin - freetexthost
Multi-Column Version » Preview // Download: pastebin - freetexthost


  • All colors are customizable
  • 400/500px Posts / Show or Hide Caption
  • 140px Sidebar Image
  • Up to 5 custom links
  • Show or Hide Userpic and Reblog Button
  • Background and Endless Scrolling Option
  • Lazy Load ? (optional)
  • Posts info inspired by ninpen

» How to install this theme?
If you have questions about this theme ask here.

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