Texturous typography pack

contains 100 typographies

quotes/lyrics/poems credit to owners

download: mf | da

like/reblog if downloaded

do not redistribute

from insta? credit us by tagging #fromtexturous or texturous

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theme 06 / trying to be cool preview ☆ pastebin download 

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  • one custom link on the sidebar
  • 500px posts
  • popup navigation with all customization options on the customize page including six links and a description
  • if you have any questions feel free to inbox me!

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TAG PAGE #01 by caterinasforza/kilmorecove

[PREVIEW] [PASTEBIN] [FREETEXTHOST] Wait 5 seconds and then click on “Skip ad”


- Three columns
- Tags visible after you click on the titles
- 64px tumblr icon
- 700 x 100 header background image
- Different colors for titles and scrollbar


Don’t move, remove or alter the credit, don’t redistribute, claim as your own, don’t take snippets from the code and do not use as base. 

Please like/reblog this post if you take :) Enjoy!

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A few days ago, I hit 2k followers! That means quite a lot to me since I just remade, and 2k of you thought my blog was worth re-following! I love you all!

Anyway, since I promised you all a PSD pack, here goes! These are three PSDs, one meant for interviews, etc. The other for once upon a time, and the third for Natalie Dormer! Some layers may need adjustment, but I hope you all find them useful!

You can download them here!

Please like/reblog if you use these! 

Also, don’t forget to tag me in the stuff you use them for. I would love to see it!

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A while ago I said I’d make a resource pack for my lovely followers but since school and work took most of my time I only had the chance to work on it now. But here it is!!! I just wanted to make this to thank my followers so enjoy. I hope you find my pack useful and also be creative and use these to learn a little bit more on editing. ー( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

The pack contains:

  • 10 watercolor textures  (800 x 1029 px).
  • 2 pixel textures  (500 x 500 px).
  • 2 black textures   (500 x 600 px).
  • 2 PSDs.

Thank you for following me and please enjoy.  (*´・v・)   

Please please like or reblog if you take. Don’t claim as yours either.


requested; how-to pixelate tutorial (similar process to this):
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+ contains 10 textures
+ please like or reblog if using
+ download
+ photography credit: x x x x x x x

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40.gradients by sistaroundpsds, so cool gradients for you. Our gradients are totally free so please respect our work, we do it all for you and all we ask is a reblog/like. Don’t reposte this post, plagiarises is a crime, your reblog/like inspires us to do more → download
↳ any questions/compliments/doubts? ask me

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download all files / all hail julia / birds of paradise / coneria script
dawning of a new day
 / janda stylish script / lavanderia / mad beef / mardian

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COLORING. 981 // cloudapp.

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14.psd Toy Story by pixarps. {more examples}You can adjust the layers if you need. Like or reblog this post please. Here you can find more psds, and here you can request an psd. Feel free to make your request. Donwload here.

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You can adjust any layer of this psd that want. This psd was made completely by us, for you. So, please, the only thing we ask you in return is to like or reblog this post in case that you download it. Thank you! ★☆

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Ghost Gifs Tutorial



How to make a simple gif.

For gifs like this, it’s really important to pick the right scene. As you can see, the camera is still in every gif (except the bottom left) and people are relatively still too.
I’m going to start with this gif:

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theme 13: paper towns; by primrosetylers

[static preview] : download from [pastebin] [freetexthost]

  • Please like/reblog if using!
  • Don’t steal, remove the credit, claim as your own, or use as a base. If you want a base, I used the one by llermans.
  • Simple, easy to customize, one-column theme.
  • Optimized for Google Chrome.
  • The left sidebar image should be 300px wide and 652px tall. The right sidebar image should be 100px wide and 652px tall.
  • Other features: customizable colors, customizable fonts (description, links, and posts), an option for 400px posts, nine links total (although the preview only shows six), and a quick reblog.
  • If there are any other bugs or anything you don’t like at all, don’t hesitate to ask! Feedback is always useful.

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So here are a bunch of resources i’ve gathered. I thought that I’d share them because they’re really helpful. Hope they’ll make your life easier! I’ve never made one of these before, so let me know if any of the links aren’t working. 


makeup and hair 


tumblr-related things

feeling down?



 food to make

photo editing things

art references

sounds n music

learn to do things


other useful things

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